Mobile Vision Care Clinic

Designed to address the unmet vision care needs of our community



For several years, the Winnipeg School Division’s Read2Me Program had been searching for a mobile vision care clinic within schools to address the imminent vision needs of students in participating schools and the time consuming efforts they were making to access vision care at local optometric clinics. Until November 2016, however, all attempts to do so were unsuccessful. In fact, the team was told that no such service existed in the province of Manitoba nor was it possible.

In September of 2017, the Winnipeg School Division partnered alongside the Mobile Vision Care Clinic to address the vision care needs of their students and to create a solution where none previously existed by offering a comprehensive vision care program including on-site eye exams and prescription eyeglasses where required for all of the division’s students.

Today, the Mobile Vision Care Clinic continues to strive to ensure that all Manitobans have access to vision care through relationships with these amazing partners:

  • Winnipeg School Division
  • Louis Riel School Division
  • Mount Carmel Clinic
  • Nor-West Community Co-Op
  • Manitoba Metis Federation

Mobile Vision Care Clinic Values

To ensure all Manitobans have access to affordable vision care services
To work alongside community partners to ensure that all barriers are removed so that affordable vision care is accessible to all Manitobans
To constantly strive to ensure that all Manitobans have access to comprehensive vision care regardless of personal socioeconomic circumstance

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We work alongside community partners such as schools, community health clinics, etc. to provide affordable access to vision care.