We provide comprehensive eye examinations which are completed by licensed doctors of optometry, and prescription eyeglasses to those in need without the child ever having to leave their school.

It is a complete eye examination performed by doctors of optometry.

We get third party payments where ever we can and are working on partnerships.

All of the glasses come with an Anti-Reflective and scratch resistant coating. They also come with an eye glass case and cleaning cloth.
It is necessary to dilate (make bigger) your child’s pupils during their eye exam in order to get an accurate glasses prescription and thoroughly examine the back of your child’s eyes. It is especially important to use dilating drops when examining non-verbal and younger children so that objective testing can be performed.
There are 2 different eye drops that our clinic uses: Cyclopentolate 1% and Mydriacyl 0.5%. Cyclopentolate is the drop that is most commonly used. It dilates the pupil and immobilizes the focusing muscles in the eye. As children have very active eye muscles (which can sometimes over focus) this helps us get the most accurate glasses prescription. Mydriacyl is less effective and is only used when the doctors feel a weaker drop is necessary.
The drops can sting a little when they go in, however, the process is not painful for your child. These drops are safe to use and very rarely have any negative side effects.
The drops will cause blurring of your child’s vision and will also make him/ her a little more light sensitive. The blurring is more commonly with near work but can sometimes affect their distance vision as well. The teachers are aware that your child may have some difficulty reading for a couple hours after their eye exam. The effects of the drops usually last between 3-6 hours but in some case can be up to 24 hours.
Astigmatism is probably the most misunderstood vision problem. For starters, it’s called “astigmatism,” not “stigmatism.” (You don’t have “a stigmatism” — you have an astigmatism.) An astigmatism is an irregular curve of the eye. It distorts vision due to the malformed shape
and changes the way light passes to the retina. It can cause blurry vision.
Yes. The doctors we have on site are licensed doctors of optometry.
Please refer to the Repairs Page. Complete the repair form and email or fax the form back to us.

It is a MYTH that you shouldn’t wear glasses all the time. Using glasses will not weaken their vision. In fact, trying to do things without glasses if you need them will simply strain your eyes and tire them out. If your child is prescribed glasses for distance or reading, it is essential that you encourage them to use them.

The prescription glasses is specific to the person wearing them. Just like our personalities, everyones eye prescription is different. These are made for your child to wear and to help them see clearly on an everyday basis.

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We work alongside community partners such as schools, community health clinics, etc. to provide affordable access to vision care.